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Welcome to  1776 Riders


The  1776 American Legion Riders was established on August 18th, 2009 at POST 1776, Apple Valley, Minnesota.  On December 31st, 2015  The organization changed its name to 1776 Riders. This was done to preserve the non-profit corporation status of the 100% volunteer organization under state law.


As an organization we are deep in the Military Tradition and honor those who have served and are serving our great nation.  We make no apologies or excuses for our patriotism and service as all of our members, at one time in their lives, have solemnly sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

As the 1776 Riders we will support our Veterans and Serving Military, along with their families, serve our community, and serve and Honor those who have fallen for our FREEDOM.




Legion Riders' Prayer

From our National Chaplain - Larry L. Vollink
10 November 2008

Almighty God, We give you thanks, for giving us a land of the free that we can enjoy riding through its beauty of trees, valleys and mountains and rivers. You have blessed us with good health to our bodies, minds and spirits, so that we can appreciate your awesome gifts of owning a bike to ride and friends and comrades that can appreciate the same. Help us to help those in need in their lives, so that they too can prosper in all that they are capable of doing and becoming for the glory of God. We ask for your safety and protection as we travel far and near and to unknown places. Make our lives to be good examples as a Legion Rider who cares about veterans and our troops who are serving, and Lord, be with their families right now. Especially at this time, be with those who are grieving for those who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice for their beloved country. Give each of us the strong sense of your presence and your guidance in all things. In your name we pray. AMEN