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About Us

Who are the 1776 Riders?

Welcome to the 1776 Riders. The 1776 Riders consist of  local Riders and volunteers.

The 1776 Riders are a diverse group of motorcycle enthusiasts sharing common goals. All are members supporting Veterans, serving Military and military families and all are united by patriotism. They answer the call to ride in service to America’s military, her veterans, and for the children and youth of our country.

The activities of The 1776 Riders are limited only by the imagination of the members of the local Riders organizations. We have independently raised thousands of dollars for local  veterans’, serving military and military families, including the children of those who have given their lives on active duty, defending our freedoms in the War on Terror.

The 1776 Riders ARE NOT a motorcycle club but a military family motorcycle association consisting of past and current vets and their families that enjoy riding as a group.




iders dedicate themselves to the success of the 1776 Riders. I know that, through my efforts, I can make a difference.


alone am responsible for myself and to my fellow riders. I will conduct myself with the highest degree of integrity and honor.


eeds, not words, create change. I will persevere against any and all things that prevent my success. My resolve and strength will overcome all obstacles.


ach rider is, first, a member of the 1776 Rider Family. I will actively participate and willingly support their endeavors.


eadily will I join other riders in activities and events which support our missions. I will do so gladly knowing I volunteered to be an 1776 Rider.


uccess is the only acceptable conclusion. I will allow nothing to dissuade me or impede me from service to my family, community, country and especially our Veterans.